Dear Hannah

You are nine months old today-officially here with us longer than you grew and grew in my belly. Your journey post-belly has been an amazing one. I can’t believe how much you’ve learned. You started crawling about 3 weeks ago and you have never stopped moving! From the very second you put your arms out of your crib (which I still accidentally sometimes call your kennel but at least around here kennels are a nice cozy place!) to the moment you crash in it at night-you are ON THE GO! You’re sometimes so very very busy that you climb right over us to get to the next thing on your agenda. You love banging blocks together, playing pat-a-cake, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and of course…my nemesis…the dog food!

Our nighttime routine is my very favorite time of day. You splash and what sounds like yodel in the bathtub. When we dry you off, you become a complete maniac. You flap your arms and attempt numerous naked escapes after the poor targets of your attacks-Bailey and Obie! They are still your very cuddliest and funniest friends. In the few seconds that you take a breather, you love leaning against Bailey. You and Obie must have an array of inside jokes because he’ll often just come in the room and snort and you crack up!

My favorite part of the last few weeks has been watching you show us more of you. You crinkle up your nose when you’re being a dare devil and you like rough house play much more than me. You’ll also sit longer and listen to me read your books. You’re patient, laid back, and social. Aside from the occasional noggin bump, you hardly ever cry unless you are hungry or tired. You very much enjoy both eating and sleeping an let it known if we’re denying you either of these life necessities! Other than those few times, you are incredibly happy. You beam when we walk through the door and your new princess wave goodbye makes it incredibly hard to ever leave.

I predict that you’ll be close to, if not already, walking by this time next month. You seem pretty certain that my wheelchair frame was customized just for you-they do make the most perfect baby parallel bars for you to grapple and stand up for me to grab you up in my lap. Just a couple weeks ago, you’d pause between each step in the grab, grab, kneel, stand combo. You now do it effortlessly even from the side of my wheel!

I’m quite certain that you will never stop amazing me. Pride doesn’t really fully capture how thankful or blessed I feel to be your mom.Happy 9 months Hanni. We love you.

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4 Responses


  1. Lisana says:

    Great to hear how much Hannah is up to these days! We miss seeing you on Plurk, Kara, but I’m sure you must be soooo busy with your family and your work.

    Sending you lots of good wishes!

    ~ Dee

  2. Rhonda says:

    This was such a sweet post. Thank you for sharing. Hannah sounds like a great little girl with wonderful parents. Our worlds may be opposite but I believe children are always a blessing. I’m truly thankful for mine.

  3. OI says:

    That’s sweet.

    I can’t wait to read more about what it’s like to raise a baby and being disabled.

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