Dear Hannah

Your 3 months (+1 day) old today! I better make this speedy because you don’t sleep nearly as much as you did even just a few weeks ago. When you’re awake, you’ll play by yourself for a little while by staring at your friend the (ceiling) fan or batting toys on your jungle gym. You’d much rather be held, talked to, or played with though. When you’re most active, you like to climb up me and work on your standing. Your face looks like it’s a real workout and your grunts are pretty comical. When we’re all winding down at night, you still love spending time admiring your friend the fan (again) and you absolutely adore your musical seahorse whose belly glows.

I went back to work this month and it has been unbelievably hard to leave you. I’m doing better though (in the crying while driving to and from work sense). I remind myself that you’re having fun and being cared for all day by people that sincerely love you. Our family is so blessed to have the help for me to finish my degree. You’ve done your part in easing my transition by being the happiest baby in the universe each and every morning. For an added bonus, you’ve started sleeping through the night 2 or 3 times a week now. When you open your eyes, you smile, coo, and squeal while I get you and myself ready for the day. It’s almost as if you know that I need those moments because you’re ready for a quick morning snooze by the time I leave for work. I cherish our mornings, evenings, and weekends now more than ever.

You’ve also become especially fond of your dinner time. You’re eating cereal every night now! You have strict demands for how quickly I should get you the next spoonful but as long as I keep em’ coming, you’re happy. Just yesterday you started working on holding your own bottle. I love feeding you though so you can take your time on this one. You can take your time on all that growing up stuff, in fact. As much as I love to see you learn new things, I’ve removed the phrase “I can’t wait for Hannah to…” from my vocabulary because I can wait-and I don’t want your milestones to fly by too quickly.  I took the same approach to summer this year-hoping that it could last forever. With the first feel of fall in the air and the very first few leaves falling, I can easily state that this summer with you was the best summer ever. I’m thankful for all the moments we’ve already shared and (almost) ready to see what lies ahead.

Happy Birthday Hannikins.

I love you,



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  1. Hannah, what a lucky girl you are to have a mother and father that love you with all their heart. You are a blessing for the family and much loved. You have fun learning and doing new and different things each and everyday, as that is part of life. It hard to explain but it is magical to watch. Love you

  2. Lety says:

    Hi, Kara! I met you on Disaboom many years ago. I thought of you yesterday and thought you certainly are a mommy by now. I am so happy to see I was right. :) Your daughter was a beautiful baby and I can imagine what a beautiful toddler she must be by now. I hope you and your family are well.
    Take care,

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