Learning to speak Hannah

Some of us have been quiet around here (me-on this blog!) while others are a little more talkative. We’ve been enjoying Hannah’s oooh’s and awww’s and thought we’d share them with you. She’s JUST on the verge of laughing but has been making some pretty adorable squealing sounds while she’s figuring it out. Here’s Hannah…my almost 3 month old!

In other news, I headed back to work last week! I’ll be completing my internship this year, which is one of the last requirements for my Ph.D. in clinical psychology. The title internship is a little misleading because it’s 40+ hours a week and much more like a job than a practicum or internship. It’s been and is still a GIANT adjustment. I miss spending my days with Hannah but I also love what I’m doing. I’m learning to cherish my evenings and weekends and have begun the ongoing battle faced by so many families to achieve balance. So far-we’re doing well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this – it provided a big morning smile for me!

    I know it’s very difficult for you to leave Hannah, but she’s obviously thriving. Nice job, mom and day :-)

  2. Um, that’s mom and dad – I know he’s a big part of what makes this family thrive.

  3. Ann Mullins says:

    Thanks for sharing this video of Hannah making her cute sounds, it definitely put a smile on my face. She is so adorable and you and Adam are both so blessed to have her!! I wish you lots of luck with finishing up your practicum, even though you miss Hannah, just think this is to make her future better and more financially stable! :-)

  4. badgermama says:

    Oh, the cutest baby!! I love how they lie like that and just wiggle around and make funny noises. Like flobberworms from Harry Potter but in theory, much nicer.

    On going back to work/school, it’s such a personal thing, but for me I definitely appreciate kids more when I have a lot of life and thought going on outside of taking care of them. It makes me a better mom, for real. And I always think, for the times that I had to say, “No, I can’t play with you, I’m working on my thesis” my kid may be disappointed a bit in the moment, but will grow up to be proud of my work and of my efforts to be a good working mom.

    • Kara says:

      Thanks! Your flubber worm comparison cracks me up…You’re right! She is most flubber wormish when I’m feeding her cereal and don’t move quick enough for her taste/patience!
      I also really appreciate your words/wisdom on working. I’m starting to see how it could make me a better mom for her too. I’m hopeful that the completion of my education and modeling that women (and men!) can fulfill multiple important roles will be meaningful to her in the future.

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